Since 1999 in Architectural Institute of FESTU students began to study a practical course of sustainable design as a logical continuation of the "Architectural climatology" lectures for third year students. Besides lectures today it is possible to say about system of the sustainable design tasks for architectural institute students - five steps of green design education from study of theoretical base to diploma project.
From the beginning of 2005 "Ecology tower for Vladivostok" design continue the sustainable design education compulsory tasks for five year students. Studying and modify of famous Ken Yeang "Ecology skyscraper" conception for our cold climate conditions students apply not only bioclimatic but sustainable design methods for their projects. So this task is key task for crossing to sustainable or green structures design from bioclimatic educational level.
After finishing of theoretical basis sustainable projects carry out by students of Design faculty finished their studying at 2001 - Single family solar house and diploma project; at 2003 - Cover-solarium for kindergarten, Coastal solarium center for Vladivostok and diploma project; at 2005 and future 2007 graduate students - Cover-solarium for kindergarten (third year), Solar attic floor or Solar dwelling complex (four year), Ecology tower for Vladivostok (five year students) and diploma projects. The main thesis of sustainable design course made a report at Third World Ecological educational congress 3WEEC (poster session, Torino, Italy in 2005); The World sustainable building conference SB05 (Tokyo, 2005); and RENEXPO╝2006 exhibition (Augsburg, Germany).
2000-2005 design
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